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Type 747-400 P2F "PREIGHTER"
Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) 396,893 Kgs
Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) 285,763 Kgs
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) 242,671 Kgs
Dry Operating Weight 170,522 Kgs
Type 747-400 BDSF "FREIGHTER"
Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) 394,625 Kg
Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) 295,742 Kg
Maximum Zero Fuel Weight (MZFW) 276,691 Kg
Main Deck(ULD not permitted)                                  VOL 285CBM
Upper Deck(ULD not permitted)                                VOL 25CBM
Bulk Holds                                                                     VOL 10CBM
Lower Deck(ULD 09 PMC PALLETS 125X96X64)  VOL 110CBM
Cabin Baggage Bin (Main & Upper Deck)                VOL 20CBM
Total Vol. 450CBM
Payload 72149Kgs
Maximum Permitted Height Upper Deck 147cm
Main Deck 173cm
Lower Deck 162cm
Bulk Hold 5 112cm
Main Deck LD FWD
Temperature Range 4 °C to 29 °C 4 °C to 29 °C
Main Deck 30 X PMC (96"X125")
Lower Deck 09 X PMC (96"X125")
ULD Combination are Permitted Yes
Door Sizes Description Inches Centimeters
Main Deck Side Door 134"x 122" 340 x 310 cms
Main Deck Nose Door 105"x 98" 266 x 248 cms
Foward Hold 110"x 66" 279 x 167 cms
AFT Hold 103"x 65" 279 x 167 cms
Bulk 44"x 46" 111 x 119 cms
Cargo Tonnage 110,000 kgs/ 630 Cbm
Maximum Permitted Height A1, A2, B1, CLR to ELR 96"
PL 113"
FLR to SLR 118"
X position 64" inch
Lower Deck 64" inch
Main Deck LD FWD Bulk
Temperature Range 4 °C to 29 °C 4 °C to 29 °C 4 °C to 29 °C
Ventilation Yes Yes Yes
Heating Yes Yes Yes

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