Our Company

ats_companyTerra Avia is a Charter/Leasing Aircraft provider, providing specialized operational and commercial aviation consultation and intended to provide solution and aviation services to major airports, airlines, governments, investors and NGOs across the Globe. Terra Avia is managed by a highly experienced team of professionals from the air transport business. Their experience allows the Terra Avia management team to put quality of service and safety at the heart of the company’s operational strategy. We just don’t assist our customers, but work with them for best results and we are highly responsive for all our customer requirements.

Terra Avia provides Air Charter service to cater for supplementing official cariers for Hajj & Umrah worldwide.


To satisfy specialist executive and business/Commercial aviation needs through professional management, ethical business practices and service excellence.


To be the premier, international, business aviation company in our geographical areas of operation.


Terra Avia acts the best for a sustained growth and to maintain the reputation in the industry. We lay road for our success of being a leading aviation advisory team.No matter how challenging the destination is Terra Avia assures excellence in the service at a shortest notice, based on customer’s needs.